About Fragmented Nostalgia...

Fragmented Nostalgia was formed in 2019 when 3 friends decided to get into selling Anime Merchandise. Each party member brought their strengths, and it's been an interesting journey ever since.

However the best part is we are merch collectors too! We love the merchandise we buy, sell and trade. Each of us have our own collections, our own desires, and never enough space to put everything we wish we had. Whether it's Pokemon, Gaming, Loungefly, Anime Figures, or Andrew's hoard of computer parts... we each have our own passions that we bring to FragNos!

We are fellow members of the community! Not some corporate conglomerate or scalper. Have a chat with us! We'd love to see your collections as well!


A picture Emily, Hikari and Andrew dressed as Team Rocket Grunts holding Pokemon.